2012 8th Conference Chicago, Illinois

The 8th International Conference in Chicago was a great success!

Renaissance Chicago Downtown HotelNinety collectors, dealers and guests from 8 countries attended the Chicago conference at the Renaissance Hotel. What made it a particularly successful four day event were the superb speakers on all things “canes”, combining the option of attending cane workshops and cane swaps in the same afternoons, and having Tradewinds Antiques hold their fall auction in conjunction with the conference. The attendees enjoyed having all the conference events in the headquarters hotel which provided the opportunity for many informal and productive social gatherings.

Our Speakers

Larry Mattson
  • In the past 16 years has developed a collection of decorative and weapons canes
  • Special interest in ceramic handle canes and member of the American Ceramic Circle, an organization of ceramic scholars
  • Devoted considerable time over the last ten years studying methods to spot fake antique decorative canes

Topic: “How to Spot a Fake Antique Cane”

Pier Luigi Carboni
  • Graduated in Archaeology of Ancient Near East, teacher of Greek and Latin for years.
  • Started twenty five years ago, in partnership with Pierangelo Marengo, Il Segno del Tempo gallery in Milan, focused on high level collector’s items such as walking canes, globes, planetaria, snuff boxes, wunderkammer.
  • Intensively involved prominent Antique Fairs in Milano, London, San Francisco, New York.
  • Edited the Concept and Design of ‘Vertical Art, the enduring beauty of antique canes and walking sticks.’

Topic: “Skulls, Skeletons and Memento Mori: How They Reflect Popular Thought in the Decorative Arts”

Peter Robinson
  • Passionate cane collector for over 25 years; student of the art and “science” of antique canes
  • Has been thoroughly investigating 17C Huguenots and their possible role in fabricating Piqué canes in London
  • Involved in collaborative research on the 17C “London” cane with the Victoria & Albert Museum and in conjunction with a California research associate

Topic: “The London Pique Cane”

Chris Taron
  • Joined his father Henry Taron at Tradewinds Antiques in 1999 and has since co-presented 28 antique cane auctions
  • Has a particular passion for uniquely American walking sticks
  • A researcher by profession, he applies his inquisitive nature and extensive knowledge of canes to investigate their unique histories

Topic: “Canes from America’s Past, Discovering Hidden Walking Stick Gems”

Robert Pearson
  • Cane images of their favorite pet led he and his wife to cane collecting, primarily exquisite jewelry canes
  • Fond memories of friends gained and travel experiences in amassing his collection featured in the book, “The Pearson Cane Collection”
  • Fascinating story to tell on the memorable experience he had in planning and executing the sale of his collection

Topic: “The Art & Process in Selling Canes”

Dominic Strickland
  • Joined Michael German Antiques in 1996, based in London.
  • A gifted presenter who has lectured both in Europe and the USA on scholarly cane topics

Topic: “Walking Canes from Swaine Adeney Brigg,” an English Institution founded in 1750″

Gilbert Segas
  • First became fascinated with canes when using them as props as a professional actor
  • Officially recognized Cane Expert in France: Chambre d’expertises en antiquités et objets d’art
  • Contributor to many books on canes and currently crafting a book on the technology and history of cane manufacturing

Topic: Workshop on the Materials used in the fabrication

Stuart Frank
  • Author of many books on scrimshaw, including his just published book entitled “”Ingenious Contrivances, Curiously Carved: Scrimshaw in the New Bedford Whaling Museum”
  • Currently, Senior Curator of the New Bedford Whaling Museum and Executive Director Emeritus of the Kendall Whaling Museum

Topic: “Scrimshaw & Scrimshaw Walking Sticks”

Gianmario Casalis Cavalchini
  • Born and living in Torino, Italy
  • Long time collector of Popular Art Canes with a bias towards canes that “tell a story”
  • Exhibitions: Milano 2007, Parma 2012; Books: Bastoni d’arte popolare 2008

Topic: “Fit for an Emperor: A Brazilian Cane”

Laurence Jantzen

Initially trained in architecture and construction law at the Beaux Arts School in Paris and became director of an architectural agency
First opened an antique shop in Versailles, then moved into the Louvre des Antiquaires in Paris in 1988 where her famous cane shop is still located
Cane -Expert at Chambre d’experties en antiquités et objets d’art in Paris and author of “Popular Art Canes in Europe from the XVII to the XX Century”
Topic: “Rock Crystal and Hard Stones Reinventing Themselves”

John Monek
  • Former student of famous author and cane collector, Francis Monek (John’s father)
  • Collected & inherited an incredible collection of gadget canes which enabled him to become a scholar of gadget canes
  • Expert & auctioneer for “Canes Through the Ages” (1998-2008)

Topic: “Gun Canes, Beyond Remington Too”

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