4 cane auctions in October with a wide variety of results

Kimball Sterling started out the month with a nice selection of sticks : an elaborate jeweled piece topped the auction at a little over $5K, odd pieces — a KKK ritual skull & a Stanhope erotic went high & there were many jewelry pieces in the &1K range. Real bargains in Freeman’s with Remington dog head gun, Pepper box& violin all under $4K ; many gadgets & weapons sold as well. There was a fun starter collection auction In Chicago [Susanin’s ] with 40+ lots that all sold with most under $250! —They sold a bizarre heavy 48″ ebony which has a 2+” steel spear head hidden under its brass ferrule!  The most highly prized items were sold Hartzell’s on the 30th. Most likely the best example of a Pepper box went for $8K [ sold in 2007 at Taron’s for $17K]. There were many lots at this auction which were sold at 2007-08 Taron auctions [ at the peak of the cane market] which mostly sold at prices well below the 2007 results , including several ivory animal carvings. Again, nautical pieces seem to have held their prices well, especially any narwhal canes.                             A large selection of gadgets is coming up at Morphy’s 12/.                                                                                                         An issue which keeps coming up and is unsettled: the sale of ivory. Some identify their ivory pieces as “bone” other call it just a “carving” and some dealers will not sell any ivory pieces. Then there are the “bold” dealers that come right out and identify their lots as “ivory”. I am not making any judgement on any of the dealers, but we live in a strange time with this evolving issue.

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