Our History

Information from our earliest days until present time including all of our international conferences.

  • CCTB Lake Sailboat

    2012 8th Conference Chicago, Illinois

    The 8th International Conference in Chicago was a great success! Ninety collectors, dealers and guests from 8 countries attended the Chicago conference at the Renaissance Hotel. What made it a particularly successful four day event were the superb speakers on all things “canes”, combining the option of attending cane workshops and cane swaps in the same afternoons, and having Tradewinds Antiques hold their fall auction in conjunction with the conference.

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  • Milano, Italy

    2010 7th Conference Milan, Italy

    The Seventh International Cane Collector’s Conference was held May 26-30, 2010 in Milano, Italy. Chairmen were PierLuigi Carboni and Pierangelo Marengo, Milano, Italy Antique dealers specializing in antique canes and walking sticks, antique scientific instruments, globes, planetaria, naturalia, eclectic decor, Members of C.I.N.O.A, F.I.M.A, and of the Associazione degli Antiquari Milanesi. Advisors were Peter Robinson and Val Rhae Claypoole, USA …

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  • Canemania Paris E1365266417386

    2008 6th Conference Paris, France

    Val Rhae Claypoole and Peter Robinson The sixth Conference was held October 9-11, 2008 in Paris, France. The first year not held in the USA – the Conference moves physically to become truly international. The event was co-chaired by Laurence Jantzen, Peter & Tish Robinson, and Bill & Val Rhae Claypoole. Eddi Van Auken served as …

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  • Napavalley2

    2006 5th Conference Napa Valley, California, USA

    The fifth Conference was held April 20-23, 2006, in the Napa Valley of California with Eddi Van Auken as chair, along with her fine committee of Larry Mattson, Deanna Mandel and Dick Mandel. Eddi coined the title “Canemania” and the event was memorable with great speakers, tours and events.

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  • Atlanta Night

    2004 – 4th Conference – Atlanta, Georgia, USA

    The fourth Conference was in 2004 in Atlanta, Georgia with new collector Emory Mulling as chair assisted by a Committee including Henry Taron, Lonsdale Green, Herb Sackett and Deanna Mandel. Tours in Atlanta and a barbeque dinner hosted by the chairman were highlights.

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  • Peabody Essex Museum

    2000 – 3rd Conference – Salem, Massachusetts, USA

    The third Conference was in 2000 in Salem, Massachusetts. It was chaired by Henry Taron assisted by Chris Taron along with a partnership from the Peabody/Essex Museum. The highlight was a Collectors Exhibit held in the Museum where five serious collectors showed their favorites and spoke about their collections. The banquet in the Museum’s East India Marine Hall was memorable.

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  • SamosetIMG 8092 184 800 600 80

    1995 – 2nd Conference – Rockport, Maine, USA

    The second Conference was in 1996 also at the Samoset Resort in Maine. It was chaired by Henry & Nancy Taron and the keynote speaker was Jonathan Fairbanks, Curator of American Arts, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.

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  • SamosetCottage Sun Room 129 800 600 80

    1993 – 1st Conference – Rockport, Maine, USA

    The first Conference was held in October 1993, at the Samoset Resort in Rockport, Maine. It was chaired by Nancy Taron assisted by Henry Taron, Josiah Beeman and Linda Beeman. Speakers included Michael German and Frank Monek Sr., and Tradewinds held America’s first all-cane auction.

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