Caution on Current Cane auctions!

There have been several online auctions with antique canes for sale in Texas & MA. Unfortunately, the auction houses have provided little to no specific information on the canes being offered and typically they have bundled several canes in a single lot. I have bid in several of these auctions and have come out a winner & loser. It’s like bidding on a blind grab bag. Some of the lots with little description available have real winners for low prices [ gold quartz for less than $2,000 and rare “defense” canes for less than $1,000] . On the other hand, broken shafts and handles with missing pieces[ conditions not described in the in the written descriptions]  are found when the canes arrive from the auction houses! Also at the rate of 100 lots/ hour in the auctions, it is difficult to keep track of where the pieces you might want to make a bid are coming up. Our hats are off in great appreciation to the dealers/ auctioneers in the past [Hank Taron-Tradewinds; the Monek’s –Canes Through the Ages; and Kimball Sterling] for providing clear, detailed descriptions in both their printed and online catalogs for each cane offered. My hope is that auction houses in the future will try to mimic  those excellent detailed descriptions.  Also, a very generous feature of the three auction houses above was that they handled all the shipping in house. Now those other Big auction houses give you a list of shippers and the buyer has to additionally negotiate separately with an independent shipper–ugh! In the meantime , buyers beware!


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