Historical information on the Ivory Ban edict in the USA

The Origin of the Ivory Ban Cascade

July 1, 2013 – President Obama issues an Executive Order Combatting Wildlife Trafficking


In Antiques and the Arts [see article in the January 28, 2014 issue]

Comments from the 1st meeting of The Federal Advisory Council on Wildlife Trafficking which describes possible action including prohibiting the import of antique ivory, as well as prohibiting interstate & intrastate sale of ivory, except for a very limited class of antiques. This meeting of the Advisory Council resulted in the harsh limitations which are part of the now proposed Executive Order. The US Whitehouse Press Secretary on February 11, 2014 issued a statement that they were going to put a ban on the trade of all elephant ivory in the United States with the exception of antique works of art under limited situations.

The full description of their intentions can be read on the US Fish& Wildlife website at: www.fws.gov/international/travel-and-trade/ivory-ban-questions-and-answers.html

Though we all greatly abhor the slaughter of African elephants and wish that to be halted, this approach by the US Administration will do great harm to innocent collectors of antique ivory. There are some strong positions expressed in opposition to this proposed ban.

See Other Articles:

What has been expressed in the two links above are two opinions which may be politically offensive to cane collectors, but many of us share their opinion that this Executive Order creates a heavy, unnecessary burden on American collectors of antique ivory pieces.

The US Ivory Collectors’ Problem if this Executive Order becomes law

What is unclear in the proposed Executive Order is how and who will be agent who certifies that an antique cane is >100 years old? There also may be the unintended consequence of making it more attractive for poachers to kill greater numbers of elephants, because the perceived scarcity of ivory on the open market will drive the value of an elephant ivory tusk much higher than the current price paid to poachers. Would US collectors please contact their Congressmen to have them approach the administration to modify this overreaching Executive Order.

Another recent well balanced article has been published which provides objective concerns over the issues on the harm the Executive Order would do and how difficult the government agencies would have in attempting to implement  such Draconian measures  against collectors of antique ivory pieces.  That link below is followed by the link to the public notice of 2/24/2014 describing the Director’s Order  which states” Interstate sale of African elephant ivory will remain legal at this time, but the Service is pursuing the regulatory changes needed to address such commerce.”

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