Great Cane dealers in Paris! Visit & support them

IHere are three prominent dealers in Paris.

Upper left is Chloe Jantzen with Veronique Girard [ Silver hallmark expert] learning from Veronique the details of  reading French hallmarks with me— a nearly impossible task, because of the thousands of variations from town to town and multitude of makers, compared to Britain.

  Upper right is Laurence Janzen –visit their cane shop at 18 Rue de Baune.

Below R is MME. Delalande at the Biennale Paris at the Grand Palais showing me a fabulous French pique which I unfortunately cannot buy& take with me to Chicago , because of the ivory import restrictions. Their shop is at 35 Rue Lille ,very near the Janzen’s shop on the left Bank.

Across town in the 9th is Galerie Fayet [ Gilbert’s old shop]in Passage Jouffroy where the Fayets have some antique canes , but mostly newer ones  which they can custom fit for you.

all three of these shops have wonderful cane treasures and these dealers are particularly friendly and helpful in helping collectors understand and appreciate fine antique canes.

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