It’s Not Always Bad to be the Underbidder

It’s a disappointing experience to bid at an auction and lose out in the bidding process; or is it ? Recently, I have been the underbidder on three cane lots. Yes, I would have liked to have “won” the bid, but the price had become to much in my mind for that particular item or that I was tryin to slip in a low bid hoping other bidder were absent or asleep[ has worked many time in the past! ]

 However, the really good side of the recent experience of being an underbidder is that it appears that there has been a revival in the interest in “better” antique canes. The market for modest antique canes is still in a slump form what I have seen. On the other hand nice gadget canes, canes form elegant makers[ Tiffany , Faberge[?always] , Cartier ,etc] bring a premium and good 18th& 19th C solid gold handle ones. Unfortunately, there does not seem to have a big move with the better porcelain pieces[ a good time for someone who collects porcelain].

      The other issue is that now that we have only one cane only auction house[ Kimball Sterling]most auctions only offer a handful of cane lots in their auction. One must search and for cane lots and realize the descriptions are too brief and often wrong or incomplete.

   I wish you all happy cane hunting and hope this new positive move in the cane market ahs added value to your collection.

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