Mixed results from Rafael Osona Auction & weak results from Kimball Sterling auction

Last year’s Nantucket auction brought record prices for nautical canes, but it did not this year—also, 18 cane lots went unsold. The nautical canes with elaborate inlays of abalone, tortoise & MOP did the best[ $20K-33K] as well as a well carved snake in hand[ $8K], narwhal with whale ivory fist handle went for $9k. Many lots sold & unsold were in the $1-2K range. This auction would have been an ideal time for a new collector to pick up some nice “starter” nautical in the $1000 range.

Speaking of starter collector canes, Kimball Sterling had a modest selection of canes tucked into a sale which featured mostly coins. The vast majority of the cane lots did not sell, even for a very modest listed reserve price. My suggestion is to keep your eyes pealed for “auction opportunities ” or contact this site for any upcoming cane sale/auction we could be aware of.


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