recent cane auctions& two upcoming

As projected in my last post, unusual nautical with features like abalone, MOP, carved wood pieces& stylized baleen sold high—$6,000-9,000 at both auctions and the more ordinary nauticals sold low. Seems everyone is looking for that special nautical for their collection, and only the nice gold quartz did particularly well  in Kimball Sterling’s auction.         Two upcoming auctions to check out:

Kimball Sterling on 10/10[Bid Square] & Freeman 10/14 [LiveAutioneers] latter has a large selection of gadgets [including Remington Dog head, violin & pepperbox] Kimball has lots of mineral balls, silver & gold filled presentation canes & some nauticals . Remember, only unique pieces have many competitive bids; so, might be able to pick up some nice “starter” canes at a low price for a growing collection.

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