Two Auctions with nice Nauticals coming up very soon!

Rafael Osona out of Nantucket [] are holding their auction on August 8th with a number of special nautical cane lots. Expect active, high bidding in this auction.                       Eldred’s out of Cape Cod are also selling a number of nautical canes on August 13th[].                                                                                                                                 Nautical canes are one type of cane which have held their own in price in good & slow times with those with whalebone shafts and nicely carved whale tooth handles doing the best. Check with the auctioneer to discover whether or not the shaft is straight [ those with the “natural bend” should be avoided] Also those with inclusions of abalone, MOP, & sealing wax are more desirable —-as well as those that are architectural pattern in the shaft.  Remember when uou bod for these precious lots , the buyers fees & shipping costs are also “precious”

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