Two Recent ,Successful& Fabulous online cane auctions

both featuring superb nauticals

Tradewinds held a timed auction with fixed minimum bids for 100 canes selected from the Hood collection. Ten excellent nauticals with a narwhal bringing $8,610 [ with premium] and two others sold for over $5,000, California gold quartz $10,762 and two outstanding champlevé’s did well[ Russian ,$5,023& French,$4,428. There were bargains as well :Russian with jade:$369,Toledo damascene : $369 & a superb nautical : under$1,500.

Kimball Sterling sold over 200 lots of the Henry Marder collection with over 30 nauticals. Two nice narwhals [ $7,134& $8,610]. a special carved whale tooth of a woman’s hand on a whale bone shaft [$5,412] was a stand out, The gun canes did well with a Remington dog head at $13,284& pepper box [$5,904]. A nice blue enamel [$4,300], La Terrible defensive [$5,214 ] and a unique albatross beak [5,412]. Bargains included a porcelain phrenology [$615], gold quartz for under $3,000 and several very good nauticals for under $2,000.

A great couple weeks for cane buying , even without elephant ivory!

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